February 28, 2021

NOCO 6 Visit

Attending NOCO 6 in Denver, Colorado was totally awesome and can’t wait for NOCO 7 next year. It is beyond description how much it means to watch the industry grow. Meeting people who are creating a bright new future for America and the world is a real pleasure.

It took several days to absorb it all and make decisions regarding the future of this website. The CBD Talk Network is now launching our Pre-Grand Opening. The website only recently came online and many valid questions were asked at NOCO 6. Deciding which direction it will go was a critical point of discussion.

For now, the website can be considered a hobby since there is no monetization. The future is very bright and once the website is fully up and running there will be regular content. So, The CBD Talk Network is a place for people to share ideas and learn about companies that have staked a claim in the CBD industry. There will be more to come and let’s enjoy the ride.

Coming soon will be a history lesson of hemp and CBD that will also explore the many amazing benefits that they both offer. Last, please be patient with me as this is just the beginning and content will be added to this page very soon. Have a great day and as always: Let’s Talk CBD!

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